On the coolest movie I saw this year, and “War Horse”

Rolling Stone’s awesome movie reviewer Peter Travers picked “Drive” as the best movie of the year. I concur, though this was a really bad year for movies, what with “Battle: Los Angeles” and “Cedar Rapids.”

I saw “War Horse” last night for a review that’ll run at the end of the month. Very cool movie destined for a lot of Oscars nominations. The hero of the flick is Joey the horse, and Joey just kills it. He’s a really great war-movie good guy, and I think I know the biggest reason why.

Tony Soprano in Dr. Melfi’s office, angry at himself for talking to a shrink: “Whatever happened to Gary Cooper? The strong, silent type. That was an American.”

The strong, silent type isn’t gone, but he’s certainly endangered, which gives “War Horse” and “Drive” a distinct power. The heroes don’t say anything, and it endears them to us. The Quentin Tarantino chatty gangster was a wonderful type, but talkers have gotten obnoxious. In this age of Twitter and losers who blog every half-cocked movie idea that enters their heads, we pine for animals of action.

Incidentally, this is why the new “Beavis and Butthead” works so well: People on reality shows like “Jersey Shore” aren’t doing anything, and what they’re saying is stupid. Modern popular culture is ripe to be made fun of by a pair of couch-potato idiots.

I’m seeing “The Artist” tomorrow for another review. (I know, I’m lucky. Plus, “The Artist” was Travers’s No. 2 movie of 2011.) It’s totally silent, about film stars of the silent-movie era. Maureen Dowd wrote in the New York Times that “The Artist” is commentary on this modern society where silence is dying because we’re all so constantly inundated with media. I think I’m gonna like it.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, because I have other places on the internet to be. Apparently Romney blasted Gingrich as “an unreliable leader.” I must know what Newt replied, and then how Mitt replied to Newt’s reply. Oh, and for the second straight week ESPN is has 50 separate analysts spending 55 minutes out of every hour speculating about where Chris Paul and Dwight Howard will be traded. Those speculations are like sweet maple syrup injected directly into a vein; no matter that they’re always wrong.

OK. One more “Drive” clip. I would never say Driver’s silence is the only thing that makes this movie so fantastic, just that it helps. There are a lot of really interesting, wonderful elements to “Drive,” (like the music in this clip). This movie will endure.




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