War Against Dinosaurs From Another Dimension

This is what’s pondered by the type of person who paints Muhammad Ali fighting a dragon in space.


One day I was standing in line to see some movie (I think it was “Public Enemies”) with a buddy, lamenting how hard it is for Hollywood to come up with original blockbusters. They’re all remakes or sequels or toy lines.

It hit me right then: The blockbuster I want to see is about a war against dinosaurs from another dimension. I saw something on TV once which said there may be alternate universes circling around each other in some vast patch of space/time. When these alternate realities bump into each other, we momentarily are infused with the memories or our alternate selves, and that’s what deja vu is.

So what if our reality collided with a different reality where that meteor never hit the earth? Where dinosaurs still reigned? If the realities stayed stuck, we’d have to fight them. But what would they look like?

Months ago, I sent the question to Slate.com’s Explainer. Today, Slate posted an article asking readers to vote on which unanswered question from the last year they should tackle for the Question of the Year. My question’s there.

It’s No. 14: Let’s say that a meteor never hits the earth, and dinosaurs continue evolving over all the years human beings have grown into what we are today. What would they be like? Would they have a society? A language? iPods?

Please, click this sentence and go to the article to vote for No. 14.

My question is second in voting right now, behind “Why are ugly people smarter?” Vote for it again and again and again, and ask your friends to vote for it too. Once I have the answer, I’ll start writing the screenplay. Michael Bay will direct.


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