Rushbo: Talent… on loan… from GOD

I listen to Rush Limbaugh sometimes. I admit it. He’s crazy, and I find it entertaining. I also like to argue about this political stuff all the time, and if you’re going to beat something you have to understand it first.

Limbaugh says liberals hate America and want to destroy it. He says Obama intentionally ruined the economy. He once said Obama’s big motivation was “forced reparations.” When a white kid got beat up by a bunch of black kids on a school bus, Limbaugh blamed that on Obama too.

Lately, he’s been calling a woman who wants insurance companies to cover contraception a “slut.” He said if taxpayers are paying for her birth control, she should put sex tapes on the internet for all of us to watch.

Advertisers hightailed away from him over the last week because of what he said. I’ll never hear Limbaugh say again what the “sleep number” is on his mattress.

Because he’s been in the news this weekend, I listened to the beginning of his show today, curious.

Two if by Tea remains his sponsor. That’s the first thing he says today.

“While I have your attention, give me 30 minutes here. It’s all I ask, and then you can do what you want.”

Ok. Preach to me, Rush. Tell me why I’m evil.

Limbaugh issued an apology over the weekend to the woman he called slut, Sandra Fluke. It was quite strange to hear this man had apologized for something.

He’s explaining why he apologized. The theories he’s read “on all sides” are wrong. He doesn’t expect morality and intellectual honesty from the left. “They demonstrate over and over a willingness to do anything to advance their agenda.” In fighting them on this issue last week, he says, he became like them.

“Against everything I know to be right and wrong, I descended to their level when I used those two words (slut and prostitute) to describe Sandra Fluke. I feel badly about that. I’ve always tried to maintain a degree of integrity and independence on this program. Those words were inappropriate and uncalled for.”

Wow. He doesn’t think she’s either of those two words, and didn’t think so when he said it. He sincerely, sincerely apologizes.

“I became like the people we oppose. I descended to their level. You never descend to their level, or they win.”

“What really is going on here is what we know to be true. Our president Barack Obama has a socialist agenda, when it comes to healthcare and when it comes to birth control.”

Oh man. We should be pissed at Obama, because he doesn’t want us to decide for ourselves what happens to our bodies.

Liberals treat pregnancy as a disease for political reasons, Limbaugh says, and then he says a bunch more things. That’s all I can take for now. I listen to Limbaugh, but never for more than 15 minutes at a time. It’s just too awful.

One last thing, though. Limbaugh makes his millions by being on the radio three hours a day, but he’s also a brand. Staying famous is essential for Limbaugh, or he loses power and, with it, his audience. So every once in a while, Rush says something racist or sexist to get politicians and pundits angry.

Part of Limbaugh’s job is to be famous, that’s why he says these things. Bitching about him only makes him stronger. If he’s to be beaten, he must first be understood.


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