Dear Steve Nash,

Dear Steve Nash,

Please consider playing for the Utah Jazz when your current contract expires this summer.

Utah has a perfect mix of young guys and quality veterans, inside players and wings. It also has Derrick Favors, a young power forward with the strength, speed, agility and talent to be a dominant player. Favors would be a newer, better version of the Amar’e Stoudemire you teamed with for so much success on the Suns; they share similar offensive skills, but Favors is a much better defender and rebounder.

The Utah Jazz, though deep, get nothing right now from the point guard position. There is no unifying, facilitating presence to handle the ball and make scoring just a little bit easier for teammates. You could fill that void, and turn the Jazz’s only weakness into an asset. With you running point, the Jazz would be the league’s deepest, most exciting team.

Jazz shrine in my kitchen

And this is tangential, but worth noting: Utah is not only a better fit, basketball-wise, than New York, LA or Miami, but if you play for one of those teams you will be nagged incessantly by ESPN. Columnists will talk about your team constantly and cast thousands of worthless opinions about your play. That glare won’t be nearly as obnoxious in Salt Lake City. Plus, it’s beautiful there.

The Jazz would be awesome with you starting at point guard. I hope you’ll consider this when deciding what team to play for next.


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