Crashing the Game can be Scary

A wave of fear hits whenever I walk into the lobby of Gov. Susana Martinez’s office on the fourth floor of the Roundhouse, to see the robot Koala bear wielding dual orange lightsabers. Gravity releases my heart but hangs on to the rest of my guts. Then the feeling’s gone.

The sculpture is “Hopi Nuclear Maiden,” by Tony A. Price, and it’s worth checking out. It’s not why I feel scared though.

I go see the nuclear maiden when I’m jogging around Santa Fe. It’s important, I think, to acquaint myself with that fear sensation that comes and goes as I enter the office of the central player in this whole dirty racket.

The governor and her people are continually making bad decisions that appear motivated to help friends in business use the government to make money.

Me and the few other avengers at Independent Source PAC have been covering this story doggedly, and lately I’ve found myself afraid of being jumped by contract goons.

There’s a lot of money at stake for a few men who fancy themselves wolf kings. These guys don’t like talking about what they’re up to.

I saw “Michael Clayton.” Contract goons can kill whisper-quiet with a quick little injection between the toes. No trace.

I don’t know Jay McCleskey, the guy who runs Susana PAC; I just know he doesn’t like answering questions. “Breaking Bad” has taught us that even a good man can become a fearless homicidal gangster, so what about someone who’s already a product of the political money world? Seen Kelsey Grammar on “Boss”? He plays the mayor of Chicago, who kills people over contracts over breakfast.

I don’t know if I’m afraid of McCleksey or any of these other political Monopoly players, but I do wonder whether I should be. If I’m gonna be the only one asking questions… well, a lone voice is easy to silence.

By not aggressively investigating the governor’s seemingly corrupt way of running state government, the Albuquerque Journal might be putting my life in danger. I guess that’s the point here.

Just know that I love you Erin, pooch, my family and dear friends. If I’m whacked by contract goons, please know I left the world with a heart full of love.

And if you have any spirit powers in your light sabers, Hopi Nuclear Maiden, spare some to protect me.


One thought on “Crashing the Game can be Scary

  1. i do know jay “the hatchet man” mccleskey… and you should be afraid. the “man’s” ethics are… flexible to say the least and he is not beyond using his resources for personal attacks. take it from one who knows!

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