Browns Sabotaged!

Nothing is more stupid than intentionally creating a quarterback controversy. Nothing. Quarterback controversies mean you do not have a really good player at the most important position on the field, probably the most demanding position in all professional sports. Quarterback controversies infect the rest of the team, because anything that makes the game less fun is going to impact the result on the field. Chemistry matters. Otherwise Terrell Owens would be a Super Bowl champion.

This is the stat line from Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, in his debut yesterday against the Philadelphia Eagles:

12-for-35, 118 yards, 4 interceptions, 2 fumbles.

He also badly overthrew an open touchdown in the first quarter. The Browns lost to the Eagles by one point. One. The final score was 17-16. Cleveland’s defense was awesome, but couldn’t hold off the winning touchdown at the end. Brandon Weeden got the ball back, but threw his fourth interception to end the game.

This is not the Browns’ players fault. They are hating their own team right now, I know it. Check out this Tweet today from former Browns linebacker Quinton Spears:

I feel so certain the current Browns players agree. Drafting and playing a rookie QB like this makes no football sense. It was an attempt by Browns management to show off how smart they are, and it failed spectacularly. It was a decisions that could only be made by ego-driven jackass hacks.

There was real excitement over drafting Trent Richardson, the record-setting running back from last year’s championship Alabama team, in the first round this year. That excitement was almost immediately undermined, though, by the decision the team made with its second first-round pick, selecting Weeden – a former minor-league baseball player and, at 28, the oldest first-round pick in NFL history.

Colt McCoy’s been starting the last two seasons as Browns quarterback. Before the Browns picked him up in the NFL draft three years ago, he was the winningest college quarterback ever (and led Texas to the title game). Colt made his bones as a pro – throwing touchdowns and absorbing huge hits. Not playing that well, granted, but certainly no disaster.

Last year, the team got into trouble because McCoy got concussed by a massive hit and was sent back onto the field without team doctors following proper head-injury protocol. He looked like he didn’t know where he was, and wound up sitting out the rest of the year.

He put his brain on the line for them and how have they said “Thank you”? They dicked him over, first of all. From ESPN’s Adam Schefter: “the Browns told quarterback Colt McCoy they wouldn’t draft a quarterback in round one.” Why lie? Just don’t say anything! If there’s the slightest possibility you might take a quarterback, don’t tell the quarterback you watched wobble onto an NFL field for you that you’re not planning to pick his replacement.

It’s just mean. Made worse by the fact that McCoy’s own teammates had been pulling for him to get the starting job this season. It would mean consistency at the most crucial position, and the Browns could have added a different, potentially great, player in the draft where they plucked this new quarterback no one except management wanted on the team.

Four interceptions in his first game. Let’s see how many four-interception games McCoy has had…. um… checking… NONE! Last year the most interceptions he threw in a game was two. Once. He won four games. If you make the team around him better, that number would go up this season.

Instead they drafted this guy from Oklahoma State. In college he was great, but that probably had a lot to do with the receiver who kept catching his passes – a tall, fast beast with huge hands and a mean streak named Justin Blackmon. He was the best receiver in college football last year. He made Weeden look great.

This Browns team is sickening since the original Browns moved to Baltimore, renamed themselves the Ravens, and won the Super Bowl. Good players (Kellen Winslow Jr., Joe Jurevicius, Braylon Edwards) have gotten staph infections from the Cleveland locker room. Jim Brown, former Browns running back and also the greatest football player ever, wouldn’t attend a ceremony in his honor because the Browns’ current president, Mike Holmgren, fired Brown as an adviser to the team. Perhaps Adviser Jim Brown could have told Holmgren it was insane to draft Weeden when so many other areas need addressing on the roster.

So the team is hatable for garbage that goes on off the field. And then the product it creates, the actual team playing football, gets undermined by obviously terrible personnel decisions. Holmgren came on as president vowing to turn around the Browns. When he leaves at the end of this year (he’s said he’s leaving) the team could actually be worse than when he took it over.

Improvement is all the fans want. Please, get better. Browns management refuses to focus on improving. Drafting Weeden sabotaged this team. It was so obviously the wrong move. Now they have a QB controversy on their hands. They would have to be drooling morons to not have seen this coming. Tighten up the line. Build on your strengths. Don’t just throw up your hands and reset. Again. Rebuilding every year is your plan to make this team better? What the f*ck?!


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