Oscar Nominations: The Black Heart of “Prometheus” Gets Snubbed

Biggest Oscar snub? No question: Michael Fassbender’s robot-who-hates-humans turn in “Prometheus” was not only the best supporting performance of the year, it made me believe in God.

Speaking of… “Life of Pi” being nominated for Best Picture is cool, because it’s an awesome movie. A soul stirrer. But the fascinating race is Best Special Effects, where “Life of Pi” is going against “Prometheus,” “The Avengers,” and “The Hobbit.” Not one of those movies has better special effects than the others. I have no idea how you pick a winner there. “Life of Pi” is about a guy trapped on a life boat in the middle of the ocean with an angry tiger. They could not actually put an actor on a boat with a tiger, but you’d swear they did. And “The Avengers” had, uh, the Avengers.

Special effects and Best Actor are the ones I like most from today’s announced nominees. Daniel Day-Lewis as “Lincoln”? Duh, right? Except Joaquin Phoenix in “The Master” made you wonder if he was actually getting plastered before filming his scenes. And Denzel Washington was so good in “Flight.” His performance makes that movie intense, because he keeps tricking us into thinking he might sober up.

Ehh, Day-Lewis probably should and will win.


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