Kevin Durant is the Basketball Version of Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne. And Bilbo

Russell Westbrook is the meanest fastest point guard in the NBA, and an All-Star and an Olympian. He plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and on Wednesday he took a cheap shot to his knee that tore the meniscus. The playoffs just started and he needs surgery, so he’s out. He pounded the scorer’s table and screamed after the hit. He knew he’d been injured. He kept playing and the Thunder won.

That means Kevin Durant has lost his wingman. It’s the playoffs, and they meant to win the Championship Trophy from LeBron James and the mighty Miami Heat. We’ve seen this before, in “Top Gun.” Maverick lost Goose, then fought through the grief to come back stronger on his own and save the world.

Sports Illustrated has a great cover this week, and it happens to be of Kevin Durant:


So what’s he gonna do now, with his best teammate lost? Go home and cry? Or samurai sword fight on ice? It’s one or the other. Kevin Durant, as I type this, is scaling Mount Olympus in the dark because he means to beg the Gods for guidance in his quest to kill a greedy dragon. Batman’s dad said “Why do we fall…? So that we’ll learn… to pick ourselves up.”

Do it Durant.

There is no next season right now. If Kevin Durant wants to be No. 1 he must conquer fear and prevail against LeBron no matter what. Losing Westbrook sucks, but this is about him. Time to start scoring 50 a game.


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