“The Godfather”: Sonny’s D*ck

The weirdest thing about “The Godfather” is Lucy Mancini’s “large box.”

We’ve already established unsurpassed greatness, easily. Now let’s go somewhere else. There is a quick part early in “The Godfather” wedding where Sonny’s wife is bragging about how big Sonny’s d*ck is. She’s showing her friends with her hands, like it’s a fish she caught, and the gals all laugh as they get farther and farther apart. “Ooooooh. . . .” In the background, Sonny leads Lucy Mancini by the hand into their house for a quick hit of Afternoon Delight.

Vlcsnap-2010-06-29-17h32m02s75This moment is pretty fascinating, relative to Mario Puzo’s novel the movie is based on. There is a plotline in “The Godfather” book about Lucy, whose vagina is so big she can’t be sexually pleasured by anyone but Sonny. The descriptions get graphic over the course of her subplot. She moves to Las Vegas, hangs out with Johnny Fontaine, and falls in love with a doctor who can surgically tighten her area. Before the operation, Sonny is one of the few men who can sexually satisfy her, because he’s so well-endowed. And he brings the ruckus.

Strange thing to read between chapters of deadly mafia stuff. The Lucy Mancini story doesn’t really fit with the Classic Saga of the Corleone Family. But it isn’t boring, either. She’s a compelling character, just transplanted from a different universe.

You know how the book is always better than the movie? Not this time. The “Godfather” movie is way better.


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