“Pacific Rim”: Guillermo Del Toro is Having Fun, So So Are We

Charlie’s freakouts on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” are hysterical. He is, after all, the genius scribe of “The Nightman Cometh.”

. . .

One giant monster-hunter robot has “50 diesel engines per muscle strand.” Another is powered by a nuclear reactor. Their chests shoot missiles. Their hands become plasma cannons. They’re equipped with huge swords, and jets in the back of their elbows to throw extra-hard punches that literally fly into a monster’s face.

And the monsters. . . . Fast, strong, taller than skyscrapers, with heads like sharks and dinosaurs. One busts out wings just as it’s about to die and totally turns the tables by taking the scrap into the sky. One has a tail like the biggest snake you can imagine, lined with spikes, a powerful snapping stinger at the tip.

“Pacific Rim” is a great fight, broken up by a really funny subplot starring none other than Charlie from “Always Sunny” completely freaking out just like his hilarious character on that show. Danny DeVito, sadly, isn’t his comedic sidekick; we get Ron Perlman instead, who played “Hellboy” and is great.

I worship Guillermo Del Toro. He is the master of monsters and creatures. Check out his notes and the fully realized Pale Man in “Pan’s Labyrinth”:


His robots are definitely cooler than the Transformers. A blueprint of Pacific Rim’s Gipsy (use the person at the bottom of the drawing for scale):


As he’s lovingly crafting these effects-driven characters, he also has a good writer’s pulp sensibility that many serious filmmakers (PETER JACKSON) completely lack, so his stories move quickly and include comedy. They’re fun.

And he put Charlie from “Always Sunny” into his monsters/robots battle movie. That is so cool. Good show.

It gets even sweeter. The FX channel is making “The Strain,” his vampire novel trilogy, into a series. Peter Russo from “House of Cards” plays the lead. Everyone is going to love that show. Sweet trade:

FX: “All right, we’ll let you borrow Charlie from ‘Always Sunny’ for your awesome monsters/robots battle movie, but you gotta make us a show out of those badass vampire books you wrote with Chuck Hogan.”

Guillermo Del Toro: “Deal.”

Cool movie. Potentially amazing show. Guillermo Del Toro is king.


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