Cleveland Browns Management Hurts

For a lot of reasons, I wasn’t gonna put pictures of our baby on the internet. But when the Browns traded Trent Richardson today it made me so mad I can’t really control what I do. God dammit, the Browns are bad to their players and fans, including my adorable daughter. Just look at her.


My badass Cleveland aunts got her those clothes. The photo’s from Sunday. First football Sunday with dad. The Browns lost 14-6 to the Baltimore Ravens, who are the original Browns because the team Jim Brown played for moved to Baltimore in 1996 and became the Ravens and won Super Bowls.

It isn’t the Browns players’ fault this team loses. I truly believe that. It’s the fault of stupid managers putting players at a disadvantage. Even Brandon Weeden knows he shouldn’t be playing NFL quarterback. Weeden’s thrown three interceptions and one touchdown in this young, 0-2 season.

Weeden graciously hurt himself last game and won’t be playing this Sunday. That was the news before the Richardson trade. The team has two backup quarterbacks. One is Jason Campbell, an eighth-year veteran who has played in almost 80 games and thrown 24 more touchdowns over his career than interceptions. The other is Brian Hoyer, who has thrown one touchdown in his two career games and been cut by multiple teams. They picked Hoyer. BECAUSE THEY’RE IDIOTS!!!

It is not easy to find a great running back in the NFL, where a solid run game is still a sweet weapon. Trent Richardson is a truck. He can bench press 500 pounds. He’s fast. He can tenderize a defense and open things up for the passing game. The Browns need to fix the quarterback. It’s so obvious. We liked Trent Richardson. We liked Trent Richardson. His rookie year, last season, he rushed for nearly 1,000 yards and double-digit touchdowns. With broken ribs. He’s 22 years old. We liked Trent Richardson.

Why do you keep doing this, Browns management? Why do you keep hurting the team? Just make a nice team. You have good young players. Help them win. Try to win. Stop making the team worse. Try making them better.

I don’t want my daughter beholden to the whims of arrogant assholes. I don’t think she’ll be wearing her Browns dress again.

Can I stop rooting for the Browns? I feel like I’ll care no matter what. It’s in my blood. But if it is possible to quit your team, I’m done. My family renounces the Browns. We wish their players the best; I love some of those guys. But their bosses are evil. They do wrong by everyone, including themselves.

They do wrong by the cute little baby fans. Just look at this one. . . . There’s even a Dawg Pound photobomb happening. . . . This is who you’re hurting, Mike Lombardi and Joe Banner. You politicians. Shaaaame.

dawg pownd

. . .

Here’s my doodle of Richardson from before last year’s draft:

It was fun while it lasted, Trent. Good luck in Indy. You’re in much better hands. Your old teammates are probably jealous.

I cannot believe the player they kept out of those two first-round picks from that year is Weeden. This is bullshit.


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