Jon Hamm for Emmy

SPOILERT ALERT When Walt watched Hank die in last week’s “Breaking Bad,” he fell sideways into the dirt with his mouth wide open in a gaping sob. The mouth looked like a black hole, like it might be a digital special effect. The darkness went on forever.

Don-Draper-Jon-Hamm-creat-004Bryan Cranston will win an Emmy for the current, final season of “Breaking Bad.” It will win everything, deservedly. But tonight’s Emmys are for the previous “Breaking Bad” year, when Walt did the “Say my name” scene and killed Mike. Absolutely great stuff. But Jon Hamm, as Don Draper, was better.

He couldn’t get over thoughts of death and how he deserved to go to hell. The episode when he got high on speed and flashed back to the motherly hooker who took his virginity was an all-timer. His eyes are slammed red and he loses an entire huge gap of time. We lose it with him. Peggy gets flabbergasted.

That wasn’t his best scene, though. His best scene was riding the elevator after Sally caught him with the neighbor. Desolate. So ashamed of himself. So sad. Don Draper is made pathetic by the extreme drama of his personal and professional lives, with a past to thank for weird self-esteem and sexual issues. Jon Hamm makes him real. I really hope he wins tonight.

Kevin Spacey, incidentally, was totally memorable as Evil Congressman Frank Underwood. But he didn’t really disappear into the role like Hamm does. That’s not completely his fault. Spacey’s been in so many good movies we’re a little too familiar with his tricks now. (Creepy charm included.) Hamm was an unknown when he stepped into the Don Draper role, but he had chops from years as a working-class grinder paying bills via quick supporting parts. That helps Hamm, but he’s also playing a better character on a better show.

I got Mandy Patinkin from “Homeland” for Supporting Actor. Very masculine sort of sensitivity he exudes, like the ultimate dad-boss. The beard helps. Aaron Paul’s gonna win next year because, again, “Breaking Bad” will deservedly win everything.

If “Game of Thrones” comes back, though, that’ll be a major deal.

The bandwagon-jumping “Game of Thrones” internet fans who are anti-Song of Ice and Fire won’t like this, but fuck them: The Tyrion story is about to get really insane. The next “Game of Thrones” season will be owned by Peter Dinklage as the cunning dwarf. Dinklage is definitely winning an Emmy next season for doing what the show is about to call on him to do.

Dinklage Vs. Paul will be a good one. This year? Go Hamm.



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