Eat Money 2: The Governor is Dirtier

Ex-colleagues of mine are doing fine work, continued:

Last week we saw the spectacular portrait of New Mexico Puppet Master Jay McCleskey. Photographer Steven St. John, formerly of the late and great Albuquerque Tribune, perfectly captured the look of a soulless liar contentedly selling out necessary democratic debate for talking points and fat campaign donations.

This week, UNM Daily Lobo alumnus Eric Garcia comes with this great cartoon.


Teachers have been quitting, and wearing all black, and talking about striking. They’re being told exactly how to do their jobs, by politicians who never taught. Teaching in New Mexico is hard. Poverty and all its consequences make it difficult to get through to kids. They’re disinclined to learn, and they’re even less inclined to sit and take boring, state-mandated tests.

Only someone with an uncouth agenda would institute policies that are so unhelpful.

Their arguments are polished talking points as they’re taking money out of public schools. This is why Hanna Skandera got the top education job despite never having taught (in violation of the state’s constitution): You have to consciously ignore what’s really going on to prioritize testing and evaluations. You have to have no mercy. Micromanagers with shocking conflicts of interest are deciding how schools should be run. The governor is so dirty.


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